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Madras Bombay Trunk Rd, Medahalli,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560049

P: +91 8884440963

Z: 560049

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What make this one of the most demanding apartment of Bangalore. The reason behind this is the lake view feature which very few property of Bangalore have. More over Concorde Group is going to maintain this lake for the next four years and then it will handed over to the association. Price is one another factor which will appeal you to invest your hard earned money and get the luxury of organised and high apartment in Bangalore at an affordable cost. Location of the property is on the main road which will make your property to appreciate to the maximum in future as the visibility of the property will be optimum. A high rise property which will make all jealous and all you get is the most affordable apartment in Bangalore close. Don't wait contact Concorde Auriga at the earliest to get the best price and avail the early bird offer price. Contact Concorde Auriga apartment Old Madras Road Medahalli KR Puram Bangalore Concorde Group. Get more details like contact number, location, site visit, cab arrangements etc. Contact us for more details or let us know when we can arrange a site visit for you. Come home to Concorde Auriga.